Jan. 27, 2017Ebook and audiobook subscription

The beginning of 2017 marks a huge milestone as we celebrate the successful launch of the largest update we have ever made to the Pubfront Book Suite platform. The recent launch makes the Pubfront Book Suite one of the most advanced e-commerce platforms for digital books in the market.

On the 8th of December a ‘go ahead’ was given from the HQ of EBOK.NO to launch the subscription service for ebooks and audiobook in the Norwegian market, an update that had been underway for a considerable amount of time. At Pubfront we worked tirelessly to get the last additions to the platform ready in due time for the Christmas holiday.

The market leader for ebooks and downloadable audiobooks EBOK.NO had then activated a new All you can read business model in addition to their successful piece-by-piece sales. The subscription service is thought to go head-to-head with Swedish-based Storytel. Elizabeth Sellevold leader at EBOK.NO acknowledges the potential challenge from foreign booksellers:

“Big international players have been looking at Norway, and few have already established a foothold in the market. Having a strong local presence helps us market the type of digital solution that our readers want. It will be this close relationship with EBOK.NO’s readers that will prove to be the decisive factor for success in the long run.”

Besides adding support for users to consume ebooks and audiobooks in a brand new way, the mobile applications especially the Android has been given a complete overhaul. Besides being a very good looking mobile app with the smoothest user experience to date, it has also added the feature of users being able to create personalized reading lists.

If you have not already, I will definitely recommend you download the EBOK.NO app from an app store near you 🙂

Pubfront is extremely proud of being an integral part of the success EBOK.NO have experienced since our partnership was commenced three years ago. Anders Breinholst CCO and co-founder of Pubfront explains:

“We love working with visionary companies. It is always a huge pleasure having clients push for new innovative ways of expanding our digital delivery platform. We expect a lot from EBOK.NO and their move into delivering reading experiences through a subscription model. And at the same time, we will do our utmost to keep pushing the limits with even more innovative ways for readers to consume digital books.”

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