Nov. 19, 2015To build or buy an ecommerce platform

For many businesses, it is becoming essential that your ecommerce platform represents your business effectively to hook and keep customers returning. To do this, it is critical that your ecommerce site provides the most professional, user-friendly and functionality feeling as possible. But how do companies then decide whether to build their own solution or to buy from an existing company. In this blog post, we will dig a little deeper to help your business to decide which road to go.

Building your own ecommerce service

Freedom of choice

Building your own solution ensures you get exactly what you want. You may have visions of your ecommerce platform that is currently not supported anywhere else or you do not want to compromise to any solution. Also, you stay in complete control of all the functionality including how the platform looks, feel and performs.

Dedicated to staff

By building your own ecommerce platform, you must have a team of IT experts available. The great thing is that people working in your business knows how they can help your ecommerce platform exactly based on your business. You can keep an overview of what features is currently being developed and you dictate what features that needs to be included to suit your business needs as it evolves.

Building your own ecommerce platform gives you more freedom as it is specifically made for your needs. The issue is, however, that you can spend loads of money on creating, editing, testing and then some more testing in order to get the platform working. It takes a longer time to develop a competitive product. Your IT department needs to have the knowledge of a wide variety of skills in order to develop a finished product. If you choose to build your own platform you are completely responsible for not only building the platform, but also maintaining the platform.

Buying a complete ecommerce service

Reduction of time to market

Purchasing a platform differ from building one in the fact that you can almost immediately start your venture into ecommerce. Whereas building your own solution does require a serious time commitment. If you are in a situation where you urgently need to have an ecommerce presence, you should not hesitate to buy an ecommerce platform that is ready to use. The platform itself comes with essential ecommerce features that are custom tailored to fit you unique needs. As an ecommerce merchant, you are very dependent on the performance and backbone for your platform so making the investment in the best platform as possible can be a cost-effective strategy.

You can almost immediately start your venture into ecommerce, whereas building your own solution does require serious time commitment

Avoiding organizational pitfalls

By building an ecommerce platform, you need dedicated developer or expertise necessary to do so. But by purchasing a platform a small team can handle and control the system. This frees up a lot of resources and enables you to focus on your own core competencies instead of having the technical know-how. Great support is also an important factor as the provider have a very capable team of experts that can see how your solution can be tailored to your needs. The platform is a proven product and utilized in other organizations.

Constant development of platform

By purchasing a platform, you will have access to a team that is constantly developing new features that can have an impact on your organizations. You will gain access to new features that you would not have previous thought of utilizing. This creates an ecosystem within your platform where you have a lot of power to adjust your solution accordingly, further many solution makes it possible to integrate your favorite tools that you are already using such as etc. an ERP system.

At Pubfront, we help your business tailor a unique ecommerce platform that is specifical to your needs. The platform itself is ready to be purchased and comes packed with all of the essential features for your ecommerce business. We have a dedicated team of ecommerce experts that can help you build the perfect ecommerce solution for you business. We are determined that we can help your ecommerce solution to be successful.