Create a content service your customers will love

Pubfront is an end-to-end content platform for ebooks and audiobooks that provides you powerful tools for creating amazing content experiences. Consumers all over the world love and trust our features and services.

Distribute your ebooks and audiobooks - the way you want


Web experience

Serve your content in an online web experience. Your customers consume your books directly on your website via computer, phone or tablet.


App experience

Your customers get a complete service. Leverage our white-label reader and audio player, and allow them to consume your content directly in branded apps. 


Download experience

Let your customers buy an ebook or audiobook, and serve them a download link. Let them use it in whatever way they prefer.

Monetization for every use-case

Book shop

Sell your ebooks and audiobooks directly to your customers and provide them with deals they will love.

Book club

Monthly subscribers are free to consume content from a selection.

Streaming subscription

Customers subscribe to a wide collection of audiobooks and audio programs they can consume in your apps.

Lending service

Rent out ebooks and audiobooks. Allow your customers to consume content for a limited period of time.

OTT offering

Upsell an over-the-top audiobook or ebook service to your existing customers. Integrate our service and promote your brand.

Credit subscription

Paying subscribers get a monthly credit token they can use to buy content from your collection.

Learning platform

Convert your textbooks into user-friendly multimedia online reading experiences. Dive into reading analytics, and improve your next edition based on readers' behavior.

Audio service

Bundle your audio programs like podcasts and audiobooks in a premium audio service. Learn more about your listeners and convert them to customers.


End-to-end solution for multiple formats

It has never been easier to create truly amazing ebook and audiobook experiences. Pubfront handles upload, aggregation, transcoding, and distribution. It supports a variety of content formats and makes them available on the most important platforms (web, iOS, and Android). 

  • Aggregation, transcoding and distribution for millions of titles
  • Adobe RMSDK enabled reading for PDF
  • ePub2 and ePub3 enabled reader with Adobe RMSDK
  • Download or stream Mp3 and HLS
  • Support for interactive books
  • Send to Kindle support

Seamless campaigns and payments

Integrate payments, promotions, and partners seamlessly into your service. Your customers can buy or subscribe on any device via secure in-app purchases. 

  • Shop, subscriptions, OTT or hybrid
  • Discounts, vouchers and coupons for promos like flash sales and trials
  • Integrated checkout flows including in-app payments
  • Bundling, free trials and more


Powerful admin tools

You control the user experience with intelligent layout, collection creation and campaign creation.

  • Central CMS for creating collections, layouts and user journeys
  • Analytics dashboard for data aggregation, stats and reporting
  • Partner portal for content partners
  • UTM tracking to monitor your campaigns
  • Automated report generation
  • Integrations to external CRM, analytics and ad-networks


Your brand, your content - your vision

Give your readers and listeners an amazing experience anytime, anywhere. Your customers get a unique app and web experience styled with your brand, colors and visual identity. 

  • Branded apps and widgets
  • Customizable themes and templates
  • Customizable signup and checkout flows
  • Easily configurable monitization back-end for shop, revenue share, and hybrid business models

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