Feb. 15, 2018Pubfront at #MWC2018

This year Pubfront will be attending MWC in Barcelona. One of our key interest areas is operator led OTT digital services. Another is connected devices and platforms with audio capabilities. We are hoping to learn more about recent trends in these areas and explore the opportunities as our platform is used for OTT digital services for ebooks and audiobooks.

Why OTT digital services?

In recent years, OTT digital services have been challenging telcos and media companies in their traditional revenue channels. Just think of services like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and WhatsApp. They have changed the way we message and communicate with each other. Or think of how Netflix has changed the way we watch television. To address this challenge telcos and media companies have brought new services to the market, that bundle with their core offering. Many are exploring partnerships and revenue-sharing models with existing services. Others are developing their very own offerings. We are interested in exploring opportunities with both models in mind. Especially for ebooks and audiobooks but also for audio programs in general as well as magazines and comics. Our experience tells us that it makes a lot of business sense to create digital book services for both telcos and media companies. Their customers carry smartphones or already consume their content and customers love good stories that they can consume easily on the go while commuting, in the gym or at home.

Why connected audio devices?

Audio is booming. Audio programs like podcasts and audiobooks are enjoyed more than ever and this trend seems to be continuing. Readers want audiobooks, and podcasts are winning over more and more creators and listeners. Younger demographics are embracing audio programs giving the publishing industry a huge boost worldwide. The last two of years, global audiobook sales have increased with 20% per year. What is interesting is that the install base is prospected to grow significantly over the next years with new connected platforms for cars and the home seeing the market. Just think of Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa. The hands-free experience means audio can be consumed easier than ever and in ways many of us did not foresee. We would love to learn more about this trend and be inspired. Our platform enables aggregation, transcoding, and streaming audio on a wide range of devices. As the development is accelerating, MWC is a great place to go and see the latest and greatest in connected audio devices. We intend to keep offering the very best reading and listening experience and connected devices seem to be the future.

If you want to talk to us about these topics or something else at MWC 2018, please get in touch. We would love to hear what you are thinking.