Oct. 17, 20153 features to enhanced customer satisfaction

Today’s customer move fluidly across multiple shopping channels, including in-store and online with laptops, tablets and smartphones. In order to target these customers we need to know ways of personalizing the shopping experience and enhance the customer satisfaction.

Superb customer support

Help desk is a valuable resource that provides the customer with information and support concerning your product or service. Better customer service starts with better communication and customer service is better when it’s personal and proactive. Dealing quickly with inbound ticket requests from any channel, email, web, social, chat or phone rapidly improves the customer satisfaction. Accordingly to Foresee Experience Index, customers are 83% more likely to purchase more and 77% more likely to recommend the site to others after receiving great customer Support.

Accordingly to Foresee Experience Index, customers are 83% more likely to purchase more and 77% more likely to recommend the site to others after receiving great Customer Support

Purchase content on any platform

Content on mobile devices accounts for more than half of the Internet’s traffic. It is important that we can provide relevant multi channel shopping experience across in-store, web and mobile channels. The easier the journey, the more likely the users are to navigate all the way from registration to purchase completion. Merchants are constantly adopting and experimenting with new technologies to figure out how they can use them to improve the existing shopping experience. Yet the majority of retail sales, 90%, still happen offline. The growth of ecommerce only represents 10% of the total retail market which shows that consumers want to be able to shop in-store or online, whenever they want, wherever they are. Progressive retailers are trying to fuse their online and offline to offer consumers personalized and enriched shopping experience. Imagine what combining all platforms, online as well as offline, would do for your knowledge of each individual customer and your ability to up-sell products in the different purchasing scenarios.

Data-driven customer experience

There is nothing better, when services can deliver a more personalized experience. Customers are always on the look for something new. Many great services can suggest products to you either based on your own interest or on the interest of the community. Platforms such as Steam (a Digital Game store) are constantly engaging with their community by providing their users with email notifications when products they have wished for or looked at are sold at a reduced price. The shift to digital has created unique opportunities to measure, analyse and experiment in real-time and accordingly to Gartner 89% of companies sees customer experience as a key factor in driving customer loyalty and retention, it is therefore important to leverage behavior data and purchase data to produce a true single customer view. Allowing marketers to manage consumer relationship at the individual user level across channels, will improve the customer’s experience with your service each time they visit your sales channel.

Being able to supply customers with these three features will definitely help to improve your customer satisfaction on your platform. At Pubfront we have a dedicated team of commerce experts that can help you build the perfect commerce solution for you business. We are determined that we can help your commerce solution to provide an engaging shopping experience that is performing at its peak across all devices.