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The Pubfront Comics Suite

Take part in the storytelling revolution. Create, distribute and sell tomorrow’s interactive comic books today with the Pubfront Comic Suite.


Pubfront Comics Suite

The Pubfront Comic suite offers a complete solution with all the necessary tools to sell digital comics. Your customers can browse and buy from your store, and indulge in an interactive experience on their preferred reading device.


World Class Reading Experience

Enhance the reading experience for your customers with our powerful online reader that supports multiple formats including ePub 3, HTML 5, and PDF. It will give you the full support of interactive comic books, including dynamic audio-visual content and embedded video.

Comic Builder

The Pubfront Comic Suite includes full support of Comic Builder, which enables you to create and publish unique & interactive content. With Comic Books 2.0, be on the forefront of immersive storytelling and deliver a brand new way of reading comics.

SEO Optimized

The Pubfront Comics Suite increases the chance of being found when customers search for a product or service likes yours. Our search engine optimization brings more traffic to your site and improves your organic search ranking.

Community Interaction

Get your customers engaged as a community. Comic readers can rate, comment, recommend and share their collection with friends. They can even buy their friends comics and subscriptions to series. Our technology is sticky; users will spend hours on the site browsing, buying, reading and engaging with other like-minded enthusiasts.

Content Management System

A Flexible CMS that makes managing cloud content notably intuitive. The CMS takes care of collecting data, and delivers valuable insights from your customers directly to your dashboard.

Financial Reporting System

With real-time access to reporting data, you can monitor your sales performance and adjust accordingly. Use this insight to sell comics the most profitable way. The Pubfront Suite supports multiple ways of selling content, like single-issue sales, bulk/package, subscription and more.

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Huge Market & Massive Growth

In North America alone the comic book market has risen to $935 million. The overall market is up 9.4% over the last four years, driven by the dramatic growth in digital sales. This has largely been attributed to the new ways of distributing and reading digital comics, and with the Pubfront Comics Suite you will get what you need to build your own market presence.

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