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The Pubfront book Suite

Now you can have the most advanced white label bookstore. Use the Pubfront Books Suite to get your share of the massive physical book market or the expanding ebook and audiobooks market.



Fully Featured Mobile Apps

Enhance the reading experience for customers with our powerful Mobile Apps, with multiple format support.

1,000,000+ Titles

The platform comes content-ready with more than 1 million bestselling titles.

Content Management System

The Pubfront Suite CMS is as simple and straightforward as it gets. It is quick, easy and intuitive.

Get to Know your Customers

Retrieve data to understand your customers’ purchasing and reading behavior. Increase revenue by automating marketing according to measures and events.


The Pubfront E-book Suite comes with a host of tools and features that have a proven track record for acquiring new customers, and maximizing customer loyalty.

The right business model according to user behavior

We offer the full range of business models for selling books. Provide the right model(s) according to how your customers prefer to buy books. We support piece by piece sales, book clubs, subscriptions and all you can read (streaming).

Massive Book Market & Steady Growth

The book market is enormous and growing, PwC estimates the global books revenue will grow to US$128.34bn in 2019. The time is right for you to grow your share in this fruitful market.

The Timing is Right

The time for creating a large marketing push is now. The market is ripe, and the economic potential is great. Will you get your share of the book market? Pubfront can secure you a leading position.

Proven Technology

The Pubfront Books Suite is proven technology, and powers the market leading e-book stores in Scandinavia.


Get Started Quickly

If you have a clear vision regarding book sales, then partner with us and we’ll provide you with the technology and content to achieve your financial goals.

Case Study of EBOK.NO

Learn how ebok.no became a market leader in Norway in just six months.


Growing Ebook Market

The ebook market is growing dramatically. Next year the European market will be €5bn. By 2017 PwC expects the value of the ebook market to double. This means a lot of users are still waiting to join the ebook market.

Taking eCommerce to the next level

Since 2010 Pubfront has been working on optimizing our eCommerce solutions towards increase in conversion and user engagement. Want to know more?


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